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Intelligent remote automatic lawn mower

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The robot lawn mower, also know as electric robot mower,

is used for automatically cutting your grass lawn.

It can use recharging station for using with 110v-240v volt power suppliers

1)  Automatic electric lawn mower

2)  Fully remote control

3)  Movement:360 degrees, up to 30 degree slope

4)  12month warranty

5)  Electric mower =no need to buy gas





coverage(for once charging): 600sqm

working capacity:1500sqm

virtual wire maximum lenth:600m/0.5mm

mower size: 56*51*25cm(L*W*H)

rated power:82W

noise:less than 65dB

blades qty: 2pcs

cutting height:3cm&4cm

cutting width:28cm

cutting speed:25m/min

charging time:less than 3h

average working time:2-3h

wireless remote control: 6m

type of battery:lithium

battery capacity:6.6Ah,24V,50-60hz

Indoor Input Voltage:80-240V,50-60hz



Package Included:


2.Inner hexagon spanner
3.virtual wire connectors(10pcs)
4.Virtual wire (100m)
5.Charging station
6.Remote control
7.Remote control battery
8.Stakes (4pcs)
10.English manual
11.Keys (2pcs)
12.two extra blades


Type: Robotic Mowers
Certification: CE,EMC
Model Number: TC-G158
Forward Speed: 35m/min
Power Type: Electricity
Brand Name: ZJMZYM
Application: Home Lawn / park mowing
Battery: lithium battery
Average working time: About 2-3hours
Cutting height: 3cm/4cm
Warrenty: 12 month
product number: FC265