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Slimming Face 24k Gold Vibration Facial Beauty Roller

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Made of durable semiconductor alloy

Concave-convex part is used to massage your face

Easy and comfortable to handle

Polyhedral angle design, good for skin massage

Tiny and portable, you can use anytime anywhere

Rotating massage, which makes your face soft and moisture

Non-toxic to your skin, release mood, anti-wrinkle, metabolism, blood circulation

You can use it while reading, watching TV, showering, etc.



Item Type: Facial Massage Machine

Material: Semiconductor Alloy

Battery: AA Battery (not included) / DC 1.5V
Frequency: 6000rpm

Product  function:
3-minute face firming, relaxation improvement, facial elevation;
10 minutes to smooth wrinkles, decree lines, crow's feet;
3 days to fade color spots, skin bright white shiny;
30 days skin tight, white, smooth, young 10 years old
1. Directly improve skin care effect, skin care products are absorbed, absorption well, the maintenance effect will be good.
Remove edema, shrink pores, detoxify the skin, anti-wrinkle wrinkle, tighten the lifting, thin face, dilute the eye pouch, slow down the aging speed and so on.
2. Some people can feel the effect: light spots, acne, oil control, brighten skin color, fade scars, improve the organization of orange peel, fade pregnancy patterns   and so on. This product can be used for any part
How to use it:
The first time to use, can maintain about 3 hours.
Adhere to the use of 1-2 times a day, adhere to the facial massage exercise, you will slowly find that the face of the beautiful time will be more and more long, from  the first 3 hours, to 6 hours, 12 hours, 18 hours, until longer, permanent. As long as you persist in facial movement, beauty can be stereotyped for long. This is the same effect as body movement, stick to it! Perseverance is victory, perseverance can be beautiful!


Item Type: Massage & Relaxation
Model Number: 42118
Material: Aluminum alloy
Application: Face