About MB

MOBILITYBUY to help around the home and in a variety of other situations. The Essential Aids Mobility section features sub-categories like grab rails, ramps, walking sticks and hosts, all designed to help those with limited personal mobility.


Mobility is an ability we all take granted - until we can no longer do it.


Now, help is at hand. Solving these everyday problems is the aim of Mobilitybuy.com  which is dedicated to making life easier for the elderly, handicapped, injured and disabled people.


It fills a much-needed gap in the market as this is the only specialized mobility by is a wide range of products.


With the population growing older there is a definite need for mobility aids. And it’s not only the elderly whom we help but anyone who has a short-term problem, like a broken leg, hip replacement surgery, knee replacement surgery, Achilles surgery etc. who may need a walking stick, crutches, toilet aids, orthopaedic supports or a wheelchair, can find what they need here.


Currently the store stocks a range of mobility scooters, Exclusive folding power chairs,  wheelchairs, rise recliner / lift chairs, walking aids, bath and toilet equipment, full range of incontinence aids, orthopedic supports, walking sticks and many other items designed to make life easier in the kitchen, bedroom, toilet, bathroom, around the home and outside.


Shane Bratby; The company founder is inspiring, dynamic, and highly motivated successful serial business entrepreneur, the founder of Mobility Buy and various other companies including Disabled Entrepreneurs, see the full list at www.shanebratby.com


Shane is loved greatly by his friends and family because of his inherent ability to change any negative situation into a positive outcome.After becoming concerned with the direction today's mobility market has taken Shane sought to change the course by establishing Mobility Buy because like many others he grew tired of all the high-end cost or mobility equipment. 


Today www.MobilityBuy.com provides products and services that benefit elderly, sick and disabled people, alternative regulated way to trade mobility equipment across the United Kingdom, Europe and the United States



Our four core business values are:


  1. Newly Released Mobility Products 
  2. Low Prices
  3. No Pressure Customer Service 
  4. Offering all mobility services worldwide ex. floor lifts