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Health Care Tens Acupuncture Electric Circulation Therapy Massager

Health Care Tens Acupuncture Electric Circulation Therapy Massager

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Low-frequency therapy slimming instrument
1. Has (beating) treatment function. This function relieves muscle pain, relieves muscle tension, soreness, eliminates fatigue, and improves and promotes blood circulation. Especially for patients with pain in the neck, back, waist and joints, it has obvious therapeutic effects.
2. The different waveforms are alternately combined to release the feeling that the human body will touch the human hand. The soft pulse wave can improve the blood circulation, promote the smoothness of the meridian, and have the special effect of relieving fatigue.
3. With (vibration) medical function. This feature was developed based on the patient's condition. For a variety of chronic diseases, high blood pressure, lumbar muscle strain, abdominal pain, physical discomfort, general fatigue, neurasthenia, neuralgia, and other effects.
4. Has (snap) treatment function. This function is mainly used for weight loss, slimming, and physical fitness. This function allows your muscles to be properly adjusted, deep stimulation to the sputum, simulate the way the body controls the muscles, and apply the pulse current to the muscles to adjust the body muscle tissue energy, so that you can reproduce the natural curve and restore confidence.
5. With (automatic) treatment function. This function is mainly designed by combining the various pulsed waves and combining the characteristics of various waveforms. And (vibration) treatment function, (beating) treatment function, (massage) treatment function, and various function automatic jumping treatment functions. It is primarily a time-sensitive, but a therapeutic function that is considered by patients with multiple therapeutic functions.
6. Product jack inserts the electrode wire into the jack, and cooperates with the electrode pad for treatment operation
7. The product has 10 massage strengths and 8 massage modes.
8.15 minutes automatic timing function and automatic power saving function.