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Foot Corn Remover Plaster

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Foot Corn plaster
Releving corns
Main Ingredients 
compound preparation,salicylic acid, phenol, vaseline, lanolin, paraffin

Brief Introduction of Corn Plaster

The corn plaster is produced by chinese traditional medicie and advanced technology. The corn plaster with hole can reduce the pain of your corn by reducing the friction of your corn with shoes. It is a better solution for the people who suffers from the sore spot.

Causions of Foot Corn

1.Tight shoes

2.Deformed toes (Hammer toes)

3.Seam or stitch inside the shoe which rubs against the toe

4.Abnormality of walking

5.Surgery to the lower extremities



Features of corn plaster

1.Placed directly on to the skin

2.Prevent and alleviate discomfort due to blisters or corns

3.All natural ingredients


How to Use:


-Clean and dry affected area

-Remove the plastic backing from one side of the patch.

-Smooth that side over the area where you want pain relief.

-As you remove the other half of the plastic backing, smooth the remainder of the patch over the pain area.

-Remove from backing film and apply.

-8 Hours for each time, 5 times per week for a process.

Item Type: Foot Care Tool
Brand Name: Sumifun
Material: Foot Corn Remover Plaster
Model Number: C027
Type: Foot Patch
Size: 1Pcs
Item: Foot Care Tools
Name: Foot Corn Remover Plaster patch
Type: Foot Corn Remover, Feet Care Peeling
Function1: Reduce friction and pressure on painful calluse, corn, blisters
Function 2: Exfoliating, Dead Skin, Foot Plantar warts Calluses Away
Belong to: Foot film, foot cream, foot scrub
Pain patch: Foot massager