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Robot lawn mower Auto Recharged, Remote Controller, Waterproof

Robot lawn mower Auto Recharged, Remote Controller, Waterproof

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Robot lawn mower S520 is our 4th generation robot lawn mower and latest robot lawnmower came out in last month More advanced functions like a pressure sensor, a touch sensor, rain sensor, bump sensor, auto recharge, subarea setting, mowing schedule and so on.        

The 4th generation S520's improvement:

every edge can be used if one damaged by hard stone or other objects



2, Rear wheel

it heavier than S510, can keep from slippery when running on slopes and hills.



3,Charging connection,

S520 has a better connection


4, front wheel

it is softer than the old one, against the vibration when working,

with stainless steel holder, against rusting




1).Application:Home Lawn/park mowing

2): Average working time:2-3hours  

3):Cutting height:2.5-6cm

4): Forward speed:35m/min  

5):Battery:lithium battery

6):Charge time:≤3 hours  


1. Tilt sensor

2. Lift sensor

3. Bump sensor

4. Rain sensor

5. Auto recharge

6. Password

7. Electronic compass

8. Pressure sensor

9. Touch sensor

10. Waterproof

11.Language option

12.Mowing schedule

13.Subarea setting

14.Overload protect


16.Emergency stop switch