Mobility Buy LTD SINGCALL Wireless nurse call system for Old, Disabled people, for hospital medical call button,1 Watch Receiver and 2 Bells

Wireless nurse call system

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This is our wireless calling system device.SINGCALL hospital wards, treatment room calling system is composed by emergency call button beside ward beds for elderly, medical board receiver and double-screen hang receiver, widely used in medical and care centers because of its satble performance, simple installation and convenient calling.  Welcome to choose our receiver and call buttons.


The function of APE6600: 
01.Without any host or control center, directly receive signals of pager.
02.With manual/automatic power saving function. 
03.Two prompt modes of vibration and music.
04.LCD display with sleep function,effectively extending the standby time.

The function of APE160:

 1. Rounded and light, comfortable to wear

    Oval rounded shape with lightweight, comfortable to wear

 2. Dual hanging, easy to move

          Taking hang rope and suspension clasp as the wearing style, thus it could be hung around the neck or fastened on the waist. It is SINGCALL’s first kind of movable bell and is suitable for specific persons.

  1. Marked button, convenient to call

Marked orange button makes the calling more convenient and it is not only fit for such kind of people, old, patients or children, but also suitable to patrol officers’ calling.

  1. Stable signal, long distance to receive

Long-distance signal transmission, just as the APE560 bells, thus it could ensure the stability during the signal transmission, and which adds the security for the users.


Model Number: APE6600-APE160
Brand Name: SINGCALL